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We already mentioned that more and more Joomla information will be shared on this blog. Time for the next episode: Joomla 3.2 was released during November. It actually brings some great improvements. Let’s have a look at the new functions.

The basic behaviour of Joomla, with its categories, articles, menus, module- and extension manager hasn’t changed since a long time. And actually that’s a good thing. Cause there’s nothing more frustrating that not being able to find your way in your own website anymore after an upgrade. However, on the technical and functional side there have been lots of improvements during the last couple of years. Joomla 1.6 was a major step forward and after that we’ve seen that the Joomla product has been able to improve continiously. Ok, the popularity of WordPress has become much, much larger. But that doesn’t mean that Joomla isn’t a good solution anymore. In this article we are going to have a look at the changes in the latest version, Joomla 3.2

Content revisions

A great function. Now in Joomla 3.2 it’s possible to go back to an earlier version of your information. It’s also possible to check who changed what and when. Actually this is a function that a CMS really needs and it’s good to see that Joomla finally has it available as well.

Joomla content revision comparison

Joomla App Store

Much more convenient than the old method of searching and downloading extensions outside of Joomla. Now you can do it right away from inside Joomla, similar to what WordPress has on board. Basically it’s the Joomla! Extensions Directory right in the Joomla backend with one-click installs. Good stuff.

Joomla 3.2 extension app store

TinyMCE Update

TinyMCE is finally updated to version 4, which immediately looks much better. And the new version is also easier to use.

Joomla 3.2 JCE Editor

Easier setup of a multi-language website

Joomla’s multi-language capabilities have gotten better. You can now already choose the languages you want to add during the Joomla installation. It’s nice to see that your installation screen immediately changes when you choose a different language. One downside: if you first fill some of the setup fields and then change the language, the screen refreshes and all your fields are empty again. But well, it’s a minor problem.

The template manager has improved

Joomla’s template manager just got better. You can now edit all files that belong to a template, copy a complete template and delete files completely. It’s even possible to compile LESS files!

Joomla 3.2 template editing

Joomla went to jQuery

Joomla has been using the Mootools javascript library from the beginning. But now Joomla changed to jQuery, what the rest of the world was already using for a while. Both solutions would work of course, but since the knowledge of and the adaption of jQuery is at a much higher level I think it is a smart move.

More for developers

Besides the possibilities jQuery offers for frontend developers, there’s more than enough changes that should attract the attention of developers. Joomla’s new RAD layer is a rapid application development framework on top of Joomla. It has the following features on board:

  • – Significantly speeds up 3rd party development within the CMS
  • – Easy to understand how to create components
  • – Lowers the learning curve. A well documentend solution
  • – Optional for developers to use. It will not break existing sites
  • – Implements DRY code and HMVC
  • – Incorporates Unit Testing

And many, many more. It should become the new best friend for every Joomla developer, making the development process easier and faster. Want to know more? Read here on the Akeeba website.

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