The Best New Premium Joomla templates for December 2013

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We think there’s too little quality Joomla blogs out on the net. Yes, we see WordPress. Tons of it. And for all other solutions, be it Magento, Drupal or Joomla, there’s not so much going on in the blogosphere. Let’s change that. And we know we’ll be able to do more than just starting. Let’s kick it of with an overview of the latest and best premium Joomla templates!

Premium Joomla Template TimesFX
The time that Joomla template could not match up to the modern designs we saw in the WordPress area has been left behind. Who says a Joomla template cannot be beaitiful? Look at TimesFX and you’ll find a beaitifully designed premium Joomla magazine template. And it’s flexible too. Based on the gantry framework, full responsive and with unlimited colors. Even including styling for K2. What’s more to wish for?
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Joomla template Paradigm
No commercial Joomla temteplate list can do without the guys from Rocketthemes, who were one of the first with a commercial template club in the Joomla area. Around for years already. Their latest Joomla template, Paradigm, is a great piece of work, offering lots of flexibility. Of course based on the latest Gantry4 framework. The theme is delivered with 8 preset styles and 88 (!) module positions. Fully responsive and ready for as well Joomla 2.5 as Joomla 3.2
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Premium Joomla theme Creative
Creative is a premium Joomlate template made for… creatives. Although, actually it’s suitable for lots of solutions. You want something special? Check out this theme, cause it comes with possibilities for Parallax backgrounds, Video backgrounds or the good-old regular sliders. It is responsive of course and retina ready as well. Note: only 4 color styles are delivered by default. If you want more it will require some customization work. Not suitable for IE8 users anymore, but maybe that’s a positive thing ๐Ÿ˜‰
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Big Picture
Premium Joomla template Big Picture
When I started to work with Joomla years ago in 2008, a theme of Shape5 was one of the very first I ever bought for my site. And I kept it for years. Their latest premium Joomla template is named Big Picture and it’s well worth having a look at. Of course it’s responsive as well. The template is based on the S5 Vertex framework platform, the framework of Shape5 itself. The template is packed with lots of options and additonal extensions for maximum flexibility.
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JM Consilium
Parallax Joomla template
The JM Consilium tries to be a one size fits all solution. So many options that it’s hard to name them all. So we won’t… Some highlights: Parallax scrolling backgrounds. I must say that I haven’t seen that very often yet in a Joomla theme. The flexible page builder makes it possible to build page lay-outs just the way you want them to be. Built on Bootstrap, Responsive and with unlimited colours, this is a great Joomla template to checkout.
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Yootheme Moustache
Just as with Rocketthemes, this list cannot do without the latest template from Yootheme. Around for years, but nowadays also working on the WordPress platform. Of course the new template Moustache supports Zoo, their famous content creation kit. What we especially like about this template is the readability of the content sections.
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Joomla Template Maxx
The last one in the row for this month is Maxx, a flexible Joomla template based on the T3 Framework. Besides the more regular stuff it also includes a forum extension and a video gallery. Well worth checking out. This theme is available for WordPress and Drupal as well.
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