The Best Free WooCommerce themes for 2015

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WooCommerce themes are often available in the ‘premium area’, which meand that you have to pay for them. And that’s not a bad thing, because when the developers are making some money, chanches are higher that they’ll keep on maintaining the theme in the future. And that’s important because WordPress and WooCommerce will change as well. And there’s no guarantee that your theme will keep on working if it isn’t updated anymore.

Nevertheless, not everyone will have the possibility to pay for a theme. Sometimes you just have to do with the minimum or first want to testdrive a theme before buying it. In this last scenario, called a ‘freemium theme’, there’s a free version of a theme available and a paid one. Using the free version gives you the possibility to test and use it before paying for additional functions.

This post focuses on those free WooCommerce themes. Let’s see what’s available in 2015 and still worth checking out.


storefront theme woocommerce
Storefront of course. It’s one of those themes that is really useful to work with, especially if you’d like to know more about building or changing a theme yourself. There are paid plugins available that expand the functionality. I also gave examples of working with Storefront in my new book at Packt Publishing:
Download Storefront


da zzling free woocommerce template
Dazzling has been created by Colorlib, a premium WordPress theme developer.
Download Dazzling

Zerif Lite

free woocommerce theme zerif
Zerif Lite is a free theme developed by ThemeIsle, another premium theme reseller. It has a pro version with more options.
Download Zerif Lite

Asteria Lite

free woocommerce theme asteria
Another freemium theme with more functions if you want to pay. Or just download the free version.
Download Asteria Lite


free woocommerce theme restimpo
Restimpo is already a bit older, but still being updated. Also in this case there’s a premium version available for around $6 only.
Download Restimpo


free woocommerce theme
Socute is a free theme with a premium look and feel. And indeed, also in this case there’s a premium version available. Not that on the download page it seems not to exist, but there’s a button leading you to the free version. Developers Yith are also known for their WooCommerce plugins, which have free versions as well.
Download Socute


free woocommerce theme
Seller seems a pretty standard theme with a slider and some posts below that. But it also has all the WooCommerce styling you need. There’s a premium version available with more options for $25.
Download Seller


vantage free wordpress theme
In premium themes often page builders are included for complete control over the lay-out of your pages. But in a free theme I haven’t seen that yet. The vantage theme comes in a paid and free version, but even the free version contains the page builder.
Download Vantage

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