Regularly I receive the question from other users how I create those custom made frontpages for Joomla, while they are still stuck with the default frontpage Joomla is providing. In a former post I already explained how to completely hide the blog frontpage with articles by making a change in your Joomla template.

But sometimes you want something else. If you want to show a component on your websites homepage, how are you going to reach that goal? Well, that isn’t difficult at all. No hack needed, it is one of those well kept Joomla secrets that simply most people don’t think off. You want to know this secret, you say? Well, then you first have to pay me the amount of…

Just kidding. This is how you do it:
– First make a menu item in your main menu for the component you want to show. In this example I take the Exposé Flash gallery for example. I expect that you know how to do that. It makes sense to call this one Home now, since that’s what we want it to be.
– Next, you change the sort order, so that this menu item is completely on top.
– Last, make it the default and disable or delete the old Home Joomla frontpage.
Show a component on your Joomla site frontpage
Joomla component on Homepage
And that’s all there is to it! When I reload my site I see that the Expose gallery is shown on my frontpage. But this works exactly the same way for any other component that delivers an output to your users.